Refund Policy

Refund policy

Paying any service on the site the customer accepts this policy. This policy describes how the customer can get refund in case he is not satisfied with the quality of service or for other reasons. The customer makes a commitment to read this policy attentively before ordering any services on the Cs-cart site.

CS-Cart Software

According to CS-Cart refund policy, any purchase of the software at a discount is non-refundable. Therefore you can’t get refund after purchasing CS-Cart software from our company.

Customer development services

In case the customer development has been paid, the sum of the refund depends on the stage of project development.

If the project is not handed over to development

In this case the refund can make up 75% of the full sum of payment. 25% are deducted to cover the expenses related with payment of different types of payment gateways commission charges and payment of manager’s work of project cost estimation.

If the project is handed over to development.

In this case the maximum possible sum of refund will be estimated by specialists involved in the project. This sum will not exceed 75% of the full sum of payment.

Add-ons distributed by us

The customer can get a refund for add-ons developed by Cs-cart if the license is bought for the first time, within 30 days from the date of purchase of the add-on. If a customer buys the second or other subsequent licenses, he is not entitled to get a refund. The rule concerns each add-on, distributed and sold by Cs-cart.

No refund policy for addon zip file distributed.

You cannot get a refund for add-ons which you bought at the discount price, on sale or as a special offer.

Refund request

To request for the refund the customer should send a request to In the request the customer should write the number of the paid order and the reason for the refund request. The client will be sent an email with the decision on the refund request within 1-2 working days.