Transportation System

CS-Cart India provides you customized Online transportation system like Parking Management system and Toll Tax Collection system with all web securities as per your need.

1.Parking management system:

The Parking Management System involved the access control system, revenue management, security system, boom barrier, and statistical information.

Features :

• Automated Access control system – The parking management system ties in with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc.

• Enabling Fool Proof Security –The security features includes tying in with RFID based entry-exit, Under Vehicle Scan system & DELOPT’s proprietary Licence Plate recognition systems.

• Automated Fee systems – Easy configuration of Parking management software to configure Fee payments depending on the duration or exclude payment of a fee based on management issued passes. Assign customers as prepaid, post-paid.

• Statistical reporting software – Generate hourly, weekly, monthly & yearly reports with

a) Revenue based

b) Licence Plate recognition based reports

c) Access card based (Pre-paid, Post Paid)

• Real-time Vehicle counting –The vehicle counting system constitutes a non-intrusive vision-based vehicle counting system. This will be installed at every level such that the management gets real-time knowledge of the number of cars present at every level.

• Real-time parking guidance display –Display boards display the number of empty slots at every level.

2.Toll-Tax Collection System:

We offer all different streams of Toll Plaza Operational Solution from Top to Bottom -Traffic Survey as well as Toll plaza Installation (including software, systems, Electrical, & Operation). We develop sophisticated end-to-end Toll Road Management solutions to address the challenges faced in Tolling sector. Our toll management software is customizable and user-friendly.


• Internet Accessibility Reports

• Hi-tech smart devices for vehicle identification

• Intelligent software programs

• Multi-Level security for daily operations as well as data handling

• Data warehousing and automated data backup programs

• Remote accessibility for Real-Time Online Monitoring

• Dynamic customized report generation tools.