Marketplace Model

The eCommerce marketplace or the online eCommerce marketing is a place or a web page where we can find different brands of products or services coming from multiple vendors, shops or person showcased on the same platform. Online Marketplace streamlines the production process through one simple portal, where the manufacturers sell their products or services directly to the consumers, therefore avoiding the difficult process of stocks holding. The marketplace owner is responsible for engaging customers and the processed transactions, while the third party vendors are deal with the manufacturing and shipping.

CS cart help you to create create your own marketplace by providing multiple eCommerce software like;

  • CS-Cart MultiVendor Plus:-

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus is a a advanced version of multivendor regular having extra features like promotions for vendors, design editor for vendor, separate checkout, common products for vendor, category commission, advanced vendor restrictions, mobile application for customers.

  • CS-Cart MultiVendor Regular :-

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus is the best software the store’s owner could find it easily allows to deal with a lot of number of vendors, take payments, upload and edit products very quickly and engage with the customers.

  • CS-Cart single vendor:-

Single Vendor - is a CS-Cart version which allows you to create an online store where you as a single vendors will be able to manage your products sales digitally.

  • CS-Cart Ultimate:-

Ultimate - is an enlarged CS-Cart version which allows you to create an online store where Single store owner are able to manage their products sales digitally via Multiple Websites.