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OTP (sms based) based Login system

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1) complete change in the Login system. and it is a different addon

Functions -

2) NEW USERS ---> If enters e-mail id , default procedure will work.

if enters mobile number --> OTP verification along with new password (customer have to enter) will be shown

3) Existing Users --->

case 1 - customer login using email and password
case 2 - customer login with email and OTP received in his registered mobile number
case 3 - customer login with mobile number and password
case 4 - customer login with mobile number and OTP Received in his registered mobile number

4) Seperate SMS Gateway API for the proper functioning

5) Currently cs-cart accepts --> Login with e-mail and password. we want Login with E-mail / mobile number and password

either customer should enter e-mail id and password ....or mobile number and password

6) Checkout page functions is same as Flipkart.

7) forgot password system also has OTP based password change system

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