Advanced level Wallet system Addon (Fully loaded)

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This magnificent extension adds a built-in wallet system in your store. In which Customer/User has a Wallet. In this Add-on Customer/User can use Wallet Cash during checkout and money will be deducted from their Wallet Cash. Admin can add cash into Customer/User Wallet by refunding product. Both Admin and Customer/User can view the transaction details.

Functions of wallet
1) Enable /Disable of addition of funds In wallet
2) Full redemption of wallet Money
3) Category based redemption of wallet money
4) Manually credit/debit of wallet by admin at backend
5) system is based on order status.
All possible cases of order placed , cancelled , return , cashback addition / subtraction as per order flow.
System is completely flexible and any change in future in cs-cart will not harm/effect the addon.
6) cash transfer facility via mail address / Mobile Number of registered store users with transfer limit
7) complete credit/debit/refund History will be visible to customer and website owner
8) At checkout , customer will able to see redeemable cash and total cash. customer will have choice
9) Addition of more possible promotional bonus feature
10) 2 types of cash - Full cash & Partial cash
11) Wallet Validity - Full cash - unlimited , Partial cash - 60 days example - globally applicable

Addon is Mix of all the types of wallet system available in eCommerce ecosystem.

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